Written by: Arjun Siva


Here are several worthy brands in the market that produce good pleasure toys and self-pleasure products for women. But none of them (at least, in India) are solely dedicated to the task of understanding and catering to female pleasure. While sexual wellness and the women’s health brands may have a condom first or general market approach to women’s pleasure, MsChief is the first Indian brand to solely focus on women’s right to self-pleasure through its ideology, content, and international standard women’s sexual pleasure products.

Here are 5 products from the wide roster to get you started on your journey to self-pleasure:


Our G-Spot vibrator is specifically designed for intense clitoral stimulation. There are multiple modes that help you set the speed and vibration type. It’s light-weight and easy to hold, making your “alone time” long and comfortable. Unlike many vibrators in the market, the MsChief Vibrato is not bulky and is super easy to carry. It also ships in discreet packaging.

The most important feature of this vibrator is that it carries both the suction and clitoral stimulation option. The suction feature of the Pulse and G-Spot vibrator is designed to mimic the motions of the human mouth on the clitoris, giving you the

pleasure of oral sex. The clitoral stimulation with different modes can release pleasure sensations in your body.

Stimulating the clitoral hood and the glans clitoris is one of the fastest ways to achieve orgasm. Because the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone in the body, its sensitivity to pleasure is the highest. While orgasms are great fun, we also encourage using the G-Spot Vibrator to take your time and simply experience different feelings of pleasure with no goal of orgasm. The fun’s in the journey too, you know?


One of the most important rules in self-pleasure is to keep your sex organs well-lubricated. The lack of proper lubrication can not only lead to decreased or minimized pleasure, but also lead to injury. And trust us, you don’t want an itchy vulva.

While there are several lubricants available in the Indian market today, MsChief’s range of lubricants are specifically designed to maximize female pleasure. They are water-based and come in flavoured and unflavoured variants.

Ylang Ylang Natural Lubricant: The Ylang Ylang flower is well-known to act as an aphrodisiac

and can directly improve pleasure for women. The sweet aroma is sure to tickle your or your partner’s senses.

Vanilla and Citrus Natural Lubricant: If you like something sweet and fresh during masturbation or sex, look no further than our vanilla and citrus fruit-flavoured lubricant.

Tea and Peach Natural Lubricant: Sometimes, pleasure is all about feeling relaxed. You just wanna feel like you can retire after an orgasm. Our white tea and peach-flavoured lubricant can help you get there with its soothing and relaxing aroma and flavour.

Classic Lube: A good ol’ unflavoured lubricant is like having reliable comfort food. You know you can just bank on it.

All of MsChief’s lubricants have the natural properties of Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn. These ingredients help prevent yeast infections and help preserve vaginal sanitation. They are also free from sugar and parabens.


Who doesn’t like a good aroma on their body? Studies show how someone smells can make or break the attraction you might feel towards someone and vice versa. MsChief’s fragrances are formulated with Sensfeel for Her™ which has pheromone-attracting ingredients that can enhance your appeal to someone else. They’re perfect for a first date, and the proverbial fifth date.


Condoms do more than just protect you from pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. They determine the type of pleasure you feel. Gone are the days when it was a man’s responsibility alone to choose and buy protection. As equal participants in the world of pleasure, women also have a responsibility to ensure they are protected during sex.

And isn’t it double whammy if the protection we buy is specifically made to enhance our pleasure as much as protect you and your partner? MsChief’s range of condoms fulfil this unsaid

criteria. Our condoms are dotted and ribbed to enhance pleasure points during oral and penetrative sex with a male partner or with a sex toy. If you are looking for a true skin-to-skin feel, go for our Ultra-thin condoms. That’s not all. All MsChief condoms are paraben and glycerin free which prevent any yeast infections down there. Who knew responsibility could be this pleasurable?


You can only be an equal participant in something if you’re in a safe space. Unfortunately, topics like pleasure are still taboo in major parts of India. (Why go too far? In our own homes, women often face stifling environments. Let’s not forget about the sorry state of sex education in India.) But does this mean that you should leave pleasure behind wherever you go? Or not carry condoms with you on your nights out?

Imagine meeting someone you click with, only to find that both of you forgot about carrying condoms with you. Maybe your reason was you were too worried someone would look into your

bag and see small packets of condoms or your wallet is not discreet enough to hold one.

If you take a look at Mschief Compact Case for sexual pleasure products, you’ll know it’s the answer to your worries. This Compact Case can put your condoms in discreet packaging. No one will know what it is. It carries no labels, not markings, nothing. It would not look any different from a card holder or just a coin pouch. This first-of-its-kind case (in India) ensures you’re able to carry condoms with you wherever you go. You don’t just carry your access pass to pleasure with you, you also carry your right to feel safe while exploring it.


Arjun Siva